Mother’s Day 2019: Two Under Two

Two Under Two is not for the faint of heart. Just as one child settles, the other child rattles. It is by the grace of God and some help that I have made it this far (roughly three months).

But at the same time, I have never felt so complete. I feel like I can really close the preggo life chapter and enter into a new phase. I am very happy with my girl and boy. I thank God for their health and the provisions to raise healthy and well-rounded children.


I remember their births vividly (thanks to unauthorized video recordings and their Dad who made it happen). With Iwa, I was just relieved that I actually gave birth and the baby was okay. With Iwa, I knew I could do it and had the chance to enjoy the process (as in showing appreciation for the wonders of God) and greet our boy with anticipation. Both pregnancies had their ups and downs but Ayo’s was more emotionally tough and down right stereotypically hormonal.


Motherhood is everything I thought it would be and it is my favorite thing to do. I don’t know if other moms feel this way but I often find myself hugging the kids a little longer in hopes that the love I have for them shelters them for whatever diagnoses that could potentially arise because their “mother never hugged” them. LOL. It’s funny but a real thing.

I love my two under two and I’m really delighted to share them with you on this platform.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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