Scattered Marriages

I was being nosy on Social Media the other day… like so many other days. And I began to wonder whatever happened to a particular friend who used to post so frequently about their life, family, and so much more. After looking at a series of posts I began to understand that this family was either experiencing a crisis in the marriage or it was indeed the end.

Since I married into my Nigerian family, I’ve learned to casually use certain words or phrases to connect with various family members and friends. It’s a way to say, I get you and understand completely. For instance, when you are engaged or newly wedded, people will wish you a Happy Married Life. Ever so often we hear stories about people whose marriages have “scattered” and we are quickly warned to not do whatever that particular couple did or did not do to bring on a divorce.

As someone who’s relatively new to marriage, I just have to say: Lord knows it ain’t easy. My heart almost breaks for my friend who seems to be in a bit of trouble. I don’t wish divorce or heartbreak on anyone.

One thing I know for sure is that I absolutely positively love my husband. And I dread the thought of a scattered marriage. I remember so well all the bliss in the beginning and I also remember the dreaded conversations and work that have to take place in order to keep us going strong and moving forward.

Marriage is not for the faint of heart. The timid. Shy. Doubtful.

Marriage without God is just plain foolish.

A scattered marriage is a painful and emotionally heart wrenching place.

May we — yes, you too — never see it.

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