Sister Friends

I thank God for my sister friends. The ones that hold the phone. The ones that understand. The ones who can finish the sentence and hold your hand. The ones who can relate. The sister who knows you and truly knew you before you knew yourself. Thank God for them.

Girl yes. Uh huh. Exactly. And you know it. Mmmm hm. Girl. I know. For real? Well look at that.

Reassuring love. Unconditional love. Supportive love. Affirming love. Reminiscent love. Crazy talk love. Unfiltered love. Warm love. Enlightening love. Hold-You-Close love. Biological love. Philosophical love. Remarkable love. Generous love. Understanding love. Committed love. Forgiving love. Sacrificial love. Heard it all before love but will listen again love.

I adore you. I love you. I thank God for you. What would I do without you. Thank you. Celebrate you. Surprise you. Reciprocate love to you. Hear you. Love you too.

I just can’t thank you enough.

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