I was listening to Bishop TD Jakes during my commute on Monday morning when he was preaching about Generations. He basically explained that sometimes our adversity is not just about us. It’s about how God is preparing for the generations to come. Can I be a bit selfish for a minute? A little human for a bit?

Everyone is talking about the generations to come — the politicians, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, even the church!

I heard my myself saying during the sermon, but I’m praying for relief with _____ right now. Not for my children’s children! **Hands on Hip**

Now, that I got that out of my system… I get it. Bishop says God is not worried about an incident we are trying to navigate at work. He is God. He knows about the incident but needs us to go through it for the benefit of our unborn (insert familial title).

How selfish is it to think that our problems are just about us. I’m learning that my season of distress may help my children learn a valuable lesson but my fear is that they will be somehow damaged as a result of it. But God knows!

His grace is sufficient for me.

What I don’t know, God does!


I just hope my great-grandchildren will show appreciation and gratitude for the struggle, as I appreciate everyone who has come before me.

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