To Whom Much is Given

I love my job.

I am enjoying my career.

This week I was asked to consider a case for representation where I literally wanted to drop everything and run to court to file a lawsuit.

I actually almost did exactly that…

Sometimes, I am reminded of my WHY. So here they are:

Because I love rooting for the under dog

Because I hate seeing people get taken advantage of

I believe people with disabilities have the right to a full and fulfilling life

Because Housing is a basic necessity

Because mental illness does not mean one’s life is over

Because ageism is real

Because people are so bold and so evil

Because I am a child of the most high

Because I was called to this

Because I promised God that if I could just pass the bar, I would be committed to giving back to the world in a real way

Because broke people need lawyers

Because broken people need lawyers too

Because I love a good story

Because I love 2nd chances

Because I believe the justice system can work if the playing field is leveled

Because I love people

Because I can’t wait to fight with words on paper

Because there is always a way to play fair

I could go on forever.

But I just thank God that he has given me the space to do what I believe is my best craft — lawyering

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