I was listening to Bishop TD Jakes during my commute on Monday morning when he was preaching about Generations. He basically explained that sometimes our adversity is not just about us. It’s about how God is preparing for the generations to come. Can I be a bit selfish for a minute? A little human forContinue reading “Generations”

Self-Love is Self-Preservation

Self-Love is a real thing. I was once told that before I loved someone else, I have to love myself. I spent my 20s grappling with undergrad, grad, and law school while trying to do just that. Yet, my strategy was deeply flawed. I found self-love only after someone loved me first. I guess theContinue reading “Self-Love is Self-Preservation”

Hubby of Life

This is my absolute favorite picture of my husband. Hands down. It was taken by me during our Honeymoon. I was on an emotional high after our wedding weekend, where we made our love official before the church. We got married in the church where I was raised. It was the place where I gotContinue reading “Hubby of Life”