Self-Love is Self-Preservation

Self-Love is a real thing. I was once told that before I loved someone else, I have to love myself. I spent my 20s grappling with undergrad, grad, and law school while trying to do just that. Yet, my strategy was deeply flawed. I found self-love only after someone loved me first. I guess theContinue reading “Self-Love is Self-Preservation”

Mother’s Day 2019: My Village

Since I was a child, I’ve heard the phrase over and over: “It takes a village to raise a child.” Now that I am a mother I know this African proverb is so accurate. This Mother’s Day I am grateful for my village who continues to help me raise my babies. There is absolutely nothingContinue reading “Mother’s Day 2019: My Village”

Hubby of Life

This is my absolute favorite picture of my husband. Hands down. It was taken by me during our Honeymoon. I was on an emotional high after our wedding weekend, where we made our love official before the church. We got married in the church where I was raised. It was the place where I gotContinue reading “Hubby of Life”